Landscape Photography via Instagram

The backdrop of the Blue Mountains has provided plenty of opportunity to capture the beauty, variety and scope of this unique landscape I have come to love. Each season presents a shift in colour and contour. Lately, I've been going through the collection of landscape photographs of the region I have taken over the years; cropping them to the 1:1 square format of Instagram, tweaking and adjusting tonal qualities then adding filters to represent the feeling I associate with living in the mountains. On reflection, I have noticed a somewhat melancholic 'flavour' to the images. Despite this, I seek these unpopulated vistas to clear my head, find peace and inspiration for further artworks which feature small elements from the landscape. 

I was a photography major when studying for my BFA at the National Art School in Sydney, however, I have gone on to create assemblages from found natural materials using paper as a support. I rarely go out into the environment without a camera and see my appetite to take photographs as a kind of adjunct to my art practice; a kind of visual diary in place of the traditional pen and paper.