Exhibition Opening 'The Native Grid'

Yesterday saw the opening of my solo show titled 'The Native Grid' at Janet Clayton Gallery at Danks Street, Waterloo NSW. The show runs until December 1st 2012.

There are 23 wall pieces and 9 sets of 'Pod Clusters' in all. This is the culmination of 12 months work created in the studio at Wentworth Falls, NSW. 

Thanks to the many friends and familiar faces which made the opening day nerves somewhat bearable with kind comments and interesting feedback about the work. Anyone who truly knows me can attest that openings of exhibitions are not my most favourite part of the art world. Due to nerves, I get stumped and draw a blank when people ask me about particular fragments found in the work. My brain seems to store objects visually and betrays me when it comes to terminology.
To me, things exist because they exist, not because we name them. I can understand the relevance and need for the questions about my artwork, but please forgive me if I offer up anything other than the correct botanical name!

Thank you to my partner Maxx who is my greatest supporter and rigorous quality control officer when it comes to what leaves the studio! Without his sage advice, who knows what would end up on the gallery wall!

I'd also like to thank the supporters who regularly come to my openings and make them special;
A big thank you goes out to Felicity Jenkins, Sandra Winkworth, Tim Millet, Mouse, Phillip Black, Tom Hatfield, Melinda Leguay, Annie Aitken, David Wallace, Teh, Jodie Barker, Michael McCabe, Michael Broad, Frank Boyle, Tracey Gillan and a host of others!

Native Grid 0312.3

Native Grid 0312.3