Marina Abromovic

Marina Abramovic is a New York-based Serbian artist who began her career in the early 1970s. The Museum of Modern Art in New York held a retrospective of the artist's work in 2010, including a new work titled 'The Artist is Present', where Marina sat for 3 months during exhibition times, and had more than 750, 000 people sit opposite her on a chair. I watched the documentary of this exhibition and performance on ABC's Iview yesterday and was completely captivated, enthralled and curious about this artist's life/work. 

Then I came across a book of portraits taken by photographer  Marco Anelli on the blog titled - Marina Abramovic Made Me Cry. Here are some of the portraits.....

“(...) Photography is about stillness. The work, ‘The Artist is Present’ is about stillness and immobility.
In stillness everything becomes so visible and so important.
Light crossing the room.
Shadow cast under the chair.
Color of the skin.
Position of the hands.
Wrinkles of the dress.
Even the molecules of the air somehow become visible.”
— Marina Abromovic