My first trip to MONA (Museum of Old & New Art, Hobart), was everything and more than I had expected. A veritable Disneyland for adults; a cavernous & labyrinthian delight to keep one spellbound for an entire day. We caught the 9.30am ferry from Hobart docks for a 30 minute commute. Pre-booking the ferry and MONA entry is recommended as the queues are horrendous during peak season. 

Hobart (2).jpg

MONA is 3 levels of theatrically lit galleries which juxtapose, as the museums title suggests, contemporary art alongside treasures from history. Some of my favourites from the collection were the 'Mummy and Coffin of Pausiris', 'The Fairy Horde & the Hedgehog Host' & 'Trash blower 2012'. 

Hobart (1).jpg

Exploring the space is a curious treat with a portable device (I suspect an Ipod in a clever casing), which allows you to navigate to information relevant to your position in the gallery. Artworks hang without a numbering system or distractingly placed blurb which coerces you to interact with the device. It certainly is a different experience from your traditional gallery visit. 

Hobart (3).jpg

The entire viewing experience and 'voting' for like/hate of an artwork is saved to the MONA server and retrievable upon returning home as along as you entered your email address on the site. A nifty way of remembering your tour.  I would definitely recommend a trip to this ambitious and totally jaw-dropping gallery. 5 out of 5!