I've often wondered why I have decided on the path I am on and if truth be revealed, it has something to do with the value I place on solitude and working alone. Don't get me wrong... I love people in all their infinite variety, but I am nourished by solitude and feel the energy reserves leaking when faced with social situations. I envy people who are replenished, energetically fed and rebooted in social settings. I kinda work the opposite. 

I stumble across this revealing talk by Susan Cain, who left her job as an attorney to become a writer.

Susan Cain speaks on the power of 'Quiet in a world on extroverts'. Cain explores how modern society evolved to glorify the qualities associated with extroversion. No wonder I find it difficult to be anything other than an artist toiling away in seclusion in the studio!! 

A wonderful talk and a her book titled ' Quiet: the power of introverts in a world that can't stop talking' is definitely on my wish list.