Sculpture at Scenic World 2012

Yesterday I visited Scenic World's inaugural sculpture prize & exhibition which is located at the base of the Scenic Railway in the Jamison Valley. 

Scenic World's website describes the show...

...Artists from Katoomba to Belfast are now creating unique works that will be displayed within the Blue Mountains World Heritage Area for our inaugural exhibition. Transforming the iconic Scenic World site, are 26 established and emerging artists with one entrant to claim the first of the annual $20,000 Scenic World Acquisitive Award and Keith Rowe trophy.

Sculptures to be displayed in the Jurassic Valley, have been selected by prominent judges, Macquarie University Sculpture Park Curator, Leonard Janiszewski, and University of Western Sydney Collection Curator, Monica McMahon.

The 2012 winner of the sculpture exhibition is Greer Taylor for the work titled 'Distant Time'.