A Poem

Some time ago I bought a small book of poems from the poet, Craig Billingham, who lives and works in the Blue Mountains. I thought I would share one of my favourite poems from the book titled 'Storytelling'.
Craig was born in England in 1973 before migrating to Australia in 1987. He has a degree in Philosophy from Macquarie University and currently works as an English as a Second Language teacher working in the mountains.
'Storytelling' was published in 2007, and he is currently working towards a second collection of poetry, and a novel.

 Of his writing, Craig says-

"I think I'm interested in poetical forms. I quite like writing to a form, although I'm not strictly a formal poet, but I do write in regular stanzas and I've tried to write sonnets and longer narrative poems. So my style is one of being a loose formal poet, I suppose." 



by Craig Billingham

I would like to stop changing colour.

I would like to settle in this tree

and see out the hour, the day,

the four seasons being green,

green on green, green on maple leaf,

green against the mud and snow.

I would like to shun your limelight

and stay my deepest shade of green,

stay green when leopards havoc my home.