Making Progress

With my exhibition titled 'Second Nature II' at Lost Bear Gallery still a few months away, my studio is unusually messy with bags of coloured soil, stacked pizza boxes of artwork ready to frame and 'Pods' in various stages of completion. I finally feel like I am getting somewhere with the work.

This will be my first solo exhibition at Katoomba Fine Arts latest gallery in Leura whichhas been running as a exhibition space for artists in two week turnaround period throughout 2011. My exhibition will be following an exhibition of new work by Warwick Fuller whose luscious oil paintings of landscapes I always am inspired by.

Todays work began at 4.45am, as I could not sleep and thought I could either watch early morning infomercials on TV or do something productive. Several cups of coffee later, I was blissfully unaware of the time and several hours had slipped by and my fingers were caked with soil and glue. Below is an advertisement which Geoff White of Katoomba Fine Art has put together for the magazine 'Craft Arts International' which should feature in the next issue.