Karabar Art Project

Several weeks ago I was contacted by artist (sculptor) and teacher 

Vivien Lightfoot who teaches art to students at Karabar High School, Queanbeyan NSW. Vivien asked if she could use some images of my artwork to show her students in an art project which would see her students collecting natural materials and using them as a starting point to create symmetrically based compositions.

How wonderful to receive these images back from Vivien who used Photoshop to augment the compositions. The students have really captured the wonderful beauty, colour and variety nature offers as source material to create something stunning.

Well done to the students of Karabar. I am excited and inspired by you guys! I hope you continue with your creativity, keep developing your skills and producing more wonderful results.

Thanks to students: Candy, Rachel, Taylor, Sarah, Nikki, Maddie, Ashleigh, Ana and Jamie!