Anne Wilson

I love it when you stumble upon someones work which resonates. It's curious to me why some work speaks volumes and others dont. That is why I was happy to come across Chicago based artist Ann Wilson-  'who creates sculpture, drawings, internet projects and DVD stop motion animations that explore themes of time, loss, private and social rituals.'  These images are from her work titled 'Topographies' In her artist statement she writes; 

'Textiles, in their expandable and accumulative structure, can be seen as metaphors for such a matrix. In this new project, the webs and networks of found black lace are deconstructed to create large horizontal topographies, 'physical drawings' that are both complicated and delicate. This work is a constantly unfolding process of close observation, dissection, and recreation.' 

At the beginning of Ann's artist statement pertaining to the work, architect Douglas Garofalo states-'While our society faces a growing fragmentation and specialization that seems at times to alienate us all, we have also started to view our world as a series of integrated, even entangled networks. One way we can begin to understand this contradictory state is as a matrix of field phenomena - repetitive patterns of texture, growth, turbulence, sound, light, etc., within a given system or space.'