Emirates Wolgan Valley

Today, Geoff White (Director, Katoomba Fine Art), Warwick Fuller (Artist) and I set off to the newly opened Emirates Wolgan Valley Resort to meet with the interior designers who have purchased our artworks to be placed in the the resort. The drive took us just over an hour from Katoomba, but roadworks had us held up for an extra hour or so at the top of the Wolgan valley. We decided to go explore another road to a place called 'Blackfellows Hand Track' but the road proved to be inaccessible to our van. So instead, we sat on a fallen tree and played with 'Digger' (Warwick's dog) who's boundless energy had me jealous and amused. Digger fetched stick endlessly. 


Digger is identical to the kelpie I had growing up in Jindabyne who's name was Pepsi.

The winding road down into the Wolgan Valley was nothing short of breathtaking. High escarpments of sandstone cliffs surrounded us and I was now privy to the choice in location for a 6 star spa resort by the Emirates group. The resort has its official opening in October 2009 and the grounds were abuzz with workmen and activity in preparation for the grand opening. We first carried Warwick's paintings to one of the villas where the decorating staff viewed the work in context. Several of Warwick's pieces were chosen, then it was my turn to place my pods in ravines built into the wall of the main complex adjacent to a stair case leading out to the pool.


It was exciting to see where my artwork would eventually be placed at this prestigious resort and I feel fortunate that I could be part of this experience. 'Wolgan Valley Resort and Spa' have commissioned me to create a further thirteen artworks which I intend to complete within two months.