I went to see 'In the Balance: Art for a Changing World' at the

Museum of Contemporary Art

yesterday. In the Spring 2010 events guide it reads about the exhibition: ' ... more than a 100 works explore a variety of environmental themes including waste and recycling, water shortage, fossil fuels and energy, and urban regeneration and sustainability. This exhibition presents a range of perspectives from over 30 artists and art collectives both inside and outside the gallery'

My favourite installation was Lauren Berkowitz's 'Bags 1994' Walking through the columns of plastic bags I was in mindful battle with the juxtaposition of feelings stemming from the lightness and beauty of the plastic bags alongside the cumulative knowledge of what dangers these bags present to the environment.   

The other thing I got from the exhibition was a link to a blog which interested me called  'The artist as family'.  You can read about one of their projects Here, from an article in the Sydney Morning Herald.

Lauren Berkowitz 'Bags' 1994

Lauren Berkowitz 'Bags' 1994