'Take Care' Exhibition by Melinda LeGuay


Brenda May Gallery

25 August -20 September 2009


Friend and fellow alumni of the National Art School, Sydney, Melinda LeGuay has an exhibition of exquisite artworks that will inspire, leave you intrigued and elevated in spirit . They are rough and raw materials transformed into delicate objects, apparition-like, floating in a room and given names evocative of personal acquaintances of a time long ago; names such as Elspeth, Charlotte and Bethany.


Melinda says....

My current work is a visceral response to compulsively collected materials - discarded, unloved and in a state of flux or demise. Through the process of gathering and ordering, repair and reappraisal, my work attempts to articulate transition and transformation.


In this show I create unlikely juxtapositions between raw materials and the objects that they have been transformed into. Copper wire, for example, is lovingly transformed into a delicately knitted dress that is at once protective and dangerous.