Rowen Matthews- 'Rocky Ground'

When: 1st August - 13th September 2015

Where: Blue Mountains Cultural Centre

The latest Exposé exhibition on display at the Blue Mountains Cultural Centre sees artist Rowen Matthews work in all its juicy glory! Thick daubs of colourful paint cling to large scale canvases which refer to the landscape in its immediacy and changeable nature. 

'Orphan Rock, receding mist' 2015 Oil on Canvas

'Orphan Rock, receding mist' 2015 Oil on Canvas

The artists technique with paint is not for the faint of heart... it requires a certain confidence and grounding in the qualities of the medium to present works with such gusto, and at such a scale. Matthews begins his approach to the artworks with an impression, often mark-making on the canvas before applying the paint. 

The Cultural Centre says of the exhibition- 'An expressionist exhibition of paintings and drawings that look at mountain landscapes with a focus on the temporary activities caused by weather and bigger earth-sculpting changes that take place over time. The work notes the experience of being in some dramatic places including the Blue Mountains and the New England Tablelands. The exhibition shows a connection between drawing and painting on small and large scale, making active marks that respond directly as part of the artist’s engagement.'

In the centre of the gallery is a plinth containing 4 large jars with the remnants of Matthews' palette. These gooey, lush sediment rich remains are a tactile insight into the artists choice of colour. Rowen Matthews will be giving a floor talk at the gallery on Saturday 15th August 2-3pm.