Exhibition '21 Grams' June 12th-14th 2015 Blackheath

'21 Grams'  is the title of the most recent exhibition of April White and Kay Bazley at Virgin Walls Gallery in Blackheath. April is showing recent paintings whilst Kay is exhibiting sculptural totems and metal work. 

Kay Bazley & April White. Photography by James Blackwell

Fresh winners at this years Queens Birthday Weekend  annual Bent Art exhibition in Wentworth Falls, April & Kay have curated a wonderful show to follow on from their success at Bent Art. April White was this years overall winner at Bent Art as well as winning the Painting category and Kay Bazley won the first prize for the category of sculpture as well as runner up for the Bent Art Prize. Both very worthy winners! Over the past few years, I have been fortunate enough to see the work of these two artists in several shows and look forward to future exhibitions.  

April White has a B.F.A. Specialized Honours Degree, 1995, from the faculty of Fine Arts, York University, Canada and has travelled extensively, garnering inspiration and life experience for her full time studio practice which she has spent the past five years committed to. Her portraits are arresting in colour and imbued with a sense of veiled ambiguity. 

    Coral Reef by Kay Bazley

Kay Bazley is an artist based in the Blue Mountains specialising in sculptural ceramics and welded steel. I'm looking forward to visiting Kay in her studio soon to learn more about her practice and inspiration. Watch this space...........  

Sydney Moderns - Art For A New World 6th July - 7th October 2013

Yesterday was an artist date scheduled in the diary to go visit the Art Gallery of NSW to see the curated exhibition titled 'Sydney Moderns'. I travelled by train to the city thinking how un-modern and antiquated Cityrail's 'rattlers' are. It got me to the city though (and a big thank you to Gordon for lending me his noise-cancelling headphones). 

The exhibition has been curated into various themes such as; 'Colour & Light', Colour & Music' & 'Still Life' etc. Having the luxury of several hours and a day to myself, I took my time in the space; exiting & reentering the show whenever a rambunctious throng of school children bustled through with their clipboards & worrisome teacher. 

There is a lot of artwork to digest in this show, but none which cannot be managed in a single bite. The colourful works of Roland Wakelin & Roy de Maistre are excellent examples of the modern aesthetic between the wars, capturing their interest in the relationship between 'colour & music' and 'colour & light'. Grace Cossington Smith's industrial depictions of the Harbour Bridge mid construction emphasised the rhythms of the modern age; a city in change, surging toward one of the most urbanised nations of the time.

Painting was not all about the changing face of a city however, artists such as Margaret Preston devoted many a canvas to the genre of Still Life. On the matter, she says- 

Why there are so many tables of still life in modern paintings is because they are really laboratory tables on which aesthetic problems can be isolated.
— AGNSW Exhibition pamphlet

Meg Hitchcock

Meg Hitchcock is a Brooklyn based artist using spiritual text from diverse faiths to create  stunningly intricate artworks which seem to distill the essence of spiritual teaching and offer it back visually as a moment of stillness and contemplation. 

The patience, tenacity and commitment to finishing these works which sometimes take years, is something I can relate to and find my practice can be mind numbingly difficult yet rapturously rewarding. 

In my creative work I weave together spiritual traditions by cutting up the text of holy books letter by letter and refiguring them to create passages from other holy books. I incorporate and ‘cross pollinate’ the sacred writings of all spiritual traditions, suggesting that all religions derive from the same source, and are sustained in the same unwavering faith.
— Meg Hitchcock
Subhan' Allah

Subhan' Allah

'Mundaka Upanishad' 2012 Letters cut from the Koran

'Mundaka Upanishad' 2012 Letters cut from the Koran