Procrastination...Self Doubt....Anxiety

For over a week now, I have been pushing up against resistance about working in the studio. Thankfully, having been through this process numerous times, I am aware that it will pass in all good time. The cyclical nature of self talk which holds you in high regard one moment then berates you the next for being a talentless hack has been a steady dialogue reverberating inside my head. It is reassuring to read other artists accounts of what form their resistance can take. 


Numerous times I have walked into the studio armed with unrealistic expectations of what masterpiece will be boxed up and ready to frame by the end of the day. Unfortunately, it does not work that way. At present I feel like I have come to a four-way crossroad, unable to make a decision from which way am I to proceed. The anxiety this  produces may ruin a days work and you settle for a book in the sun instead or another episode of HBO's 'Deadwood'. I know the only way to overcome the block is to work; regardless of how it feels or what the inner critic says. Now if only I could stop procrastinating and spending time on my blog instead of going to work.

I think I need more coffee!