National Park

Bundanon Residency days 7 & 8

Yesterday I spent 7 hours gluing protea fluff on to paper in the studio and have still not completed the only artwork I've begun since being on residency. Time flies by at an astonishing rate here when immersed in practice. The day began with some restorative yoga and finished with some sad news. A beloved pet dog of my friend Paul had passed away from a mysterious cause, possibly a snake or spider bite. 'Nina' was a tough pooch and had survived a snake bite once before in my care. We have looked after Nina many times over the years and saw her as part of our family too.
Today, I decided to head out in search of natural materials to the Booderee National Park near Jervis Bay. I scooped up some samples of brilliant white sand at Scottish Rocks beach and Murrays beach before locating the Booderee Botanical Gardens where I sourced gum nuts.
Temperatures hit summer figures but I after feeling the temperature of the ocean, I was not about to strip off and go for a swim.


Kanangra Walls

Sometimes it only requires a car trip to a national park to reinvigorate the senses, remind you of the endless joy & perfection in nature & get you back on track with your creative process. Over the weekend, my friend Flic & my partner Maxx & I went out to Kanangra Bo where we hiked to the plateau & lay perilously close to the edge of the cliff while soaking up the perfect days weather. 


After a drive of almost 30kms of unsealed road, close to the Jenolan Caves road, we were unprepared for the number of vehicles populating the car park. OK, so we did not have the national park to ourselves but it was quite comforting knowing that should my car decide not to start, I need not summons the channel 10 rescue helicopter to get us back home. The dirt road was not without its dangers. I ran over a snake which I mistook for a stick until it was too late. I did not swerve (as directed by a friend on another trip), but momentarily closed my eyes once recognising what I had done. The pit of my stomach churned once I had looked in the rear view mirror to see I had left the creature twisting & writhing on the road.