Podcasts have become a staple of my daily ritual, either while working in the studio or nodding off shedding zeds in slumberland. I've grown increasingly intolerant of mainstream media and especially ads which I find abrasive, disruptive and just plain annoying. Listening to a Podcast is the equivalent of listening to your most enjoyed radio show, without the ads, when and where you want (put 'em on your phone, Mp3 player or stream them at home), and with content that is not restricted necessarily by mainstream media filters. Anyone can put out a podcast, on any subject, in any format on any subject. Bliss.


This morning I woke before sunrise and downloaded 'Wilosophy', a Podcast produced by Will Anderson. His conversation with Ben Lee; Singer, songwriter, artist, philosopher, father, husband and death mid-wife, was one of the best conversations I've listened in on for quite some time. His thoughts on creativity really resonated with me. Ben Lee is an artist I've known about but never been on my radar. This discussion left me wanting to know more. 10/10 Will Anderson! Great show. Totally worth a listen.