Bathurst Regional Art Gallery

Friday 3rd December was the opening of my exhibition title 'Second Nature' at Bathurst Regional Gallery (BRAG). I have been anticipating this show for quite some time and the day arrived not without a few hiccups. I received a call moments before leaving my home in Wentworth Falls from BRAG gallery director Richard Perram to inform me that a major storm had permeated the section of the gallery my work was hung. Thanks to the staff of BRAG, my work was whipped from the walls and rehung in another part of the gallery. It could be seen as a positive instead of a negative thing, because the rehang looked fantastic. I am so grateful to friends that travelled out west to support me. I'd like to thank Maxx Liong,  Felicity Jenkins, Sandra Winkworth (See her blog HERE), Peter Shepherd, Lindsay Duncan (See his blog HERE), Tim Millett, Michael Jackson, Jason Clarke, Jaime Quezada, Geoff White, Sanae, Marj Barnwell, Mary Blackwell, Gordon Fleet, David Oon, Craig Loxley and Leanne Knight. These friends and family joined me to celebrate the exhibition afterwards at 'The Church Bar' wood-fired pizza restaurant. 

Opening the same evening in the gallery was the paintings of Graham Lupp 'Building Faith' and photography by Peter Adams titled 'Ore what!' a photographic show documenting 60 Hill End residents. All these exhibitions run until the 23rd January 2011 at the Bathurst Regional Art Gallery, 70-78 Keppel Street Bathurst, NSW.

After a hectic month of finalising the last of the works for the show, moving house from Katoomba to Wentworth Falls, and fitting in life's other responsibilities, I am ready to put my feet up for a week or two and think about what I'd like to accomplish in 2011. The new year will soon be here and I am looking forward to setting up my new studio then a trip over seas to Malaysia and India. Fodder and inspiration for new work I hope!

I wish my blog followers and friends a very happy and joyful Christmas season!