The Fire Trail

We have recently moved in to a new property in Wentworth Falls which is adjacent to the national park. This morning I woke at some hideous hour before sunrise and waited until there was enough light to venture down the fire trail next to the house.  There is a rusted car decaying in the bush and I am curious to know how it ended up on such a rough trail. Nonetheless, there is something quite beautiful about the colour of rust and the remnants of car that refuse to give up to the elements, like the door handles. 

IMG_0410 copy.jpg

If I were an overly keen botanist or had the memory to recite the variety of plants along the trail, I'd be a happy man. I would like to take someone who knows the name of the plants one day so I can educate myself about the new surrounds (hint hint David!). This fire trail is also where we take the dogs first  thing in the morning. Many other canines have already paved the way in the only way they know how, so my dogs are beside themselves with new smells and have added their own! This afternoon, we have erected a sun shade on the patio in a very amateurish fashion. Time will tell if it will withstand the wind and the elements. The shade cloth makes sitting outside more pleasant for us and our furry family. We get views of Mount Hay, even if a little obstructed by eucalyptus trees. 

IMG_0453 copy.jpg

This morning I also filled a ezy-bin skip with the rubbish which traveled with us from the old place in Katoomba. It did not take too long to fill, and now I have a space in the garage to set up a new studio. I am looking forward to the new studio space and having had a significant purge of old materials, artworks and clutter,  it will make way for some new work.

IMG_0432 copy.jpg