From the Vault

I took photography as my Major back in 2000 at the National Art School, Darlinghurst NSW, where I was introduced to Photoshop. In my primitive experimentation, I would take myself off to the cinema and covertly shoot stills from the previews of movies. Because movie previews are edited in such short, sharp bursts of attention grabbing action, you never knew what you were about to capture. The randomness of shooting was part of the thrill for me. 

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My 1.3 megapixel Olympus digital camera was the best toy I had at the time and in the dark, silent ambiance of the cinema complex, I felt like a renegade pirate, capturing other artist's visions, distorting them and re-framing them in computer software into something that satisfied me. There was a 

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distinct lag in shooting and the camera actually recording the shot due to the rudimentary technology of the camera, but I enjoyed the fact that I would never know what I had captured until after the movie had finished and the images were opened in Photoshop. The selection of montages here were some of my favorites from the time and the originals now live on a CD in a dusty case where many of my experiments


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