Off on an adventure!

Tomorrow morning I am driving to the south coast to Nowra, then on to the Bundanon Property to participate in the residency program. The suitcase is almost packed & the studio has been sifted through for what I may need to work with while I am there. Plenty of art books too for evening inspiration. (Hoping there is no TV!)

I am looking forward to collecting natural materials from a different climate to the one I find myself in at Wentworth Falls. Lets hope I return to the mountains with a box of snap-baggies full of natural goodies. I've been cautioned about the need for Aeroguard, being near a river, but I'm wondering what on earth I'll use to prevent Bunyips getting to me in the middle of nowhere?

Some of the creative folk at Bundanon in September

Some of the creative folk at Bundanon in September

The following passage is how the Bundanon Residency Program came to be........ 

Arthur and Yvonne Boyd’s gift of the Bundanon properties and collections has given Australia a unique cultural and environmental asset. The gift was borne out of Arthur Boyd’s often stated belief that ‘you can’t own a landscape’ and the deeply felt wish that others might also draw inspiration from Bundanon. Gifted to the Australian people in 1993 by Arthur and Yvonne Boyd the Bundanon property (which includes the Bundanon Homestead site and the Riversdale site) is located on 1,100 hectares of pristine bush land overlooking the Shoalhaven River, near Nowra in New South Wales, two and a half hours south of Sydney. The Australian Government established Bundanon Trust as a wholly owned Australian Government company limited by guarantee, with the Company holding the gift as a charitable trust. The Trust’s Board of Directors reports directly to the Minister for the Environment, Heritage and the Arts, who in turn appoints the Chairperson and the Directors.
— Bundanon Trust