Bundanon Residency Day 1

Three hours from home, the Bundanon Trust property is a welcoming paradise of lush pastures, quiet cottages and historic homesteads. I am staying in the 'Gonski' house which shares a kitchen with another resident, Jess. A converted barn as studio, contiguous to sleeping accommodation is large enough for two people to work and has an beautiful aspect overlooking wet green fields where cattle graze among the many kangaroo. The generous deposits of poo outside my deck is evidence of an abundance of wombats. Birds of many variety pierce the silence with their calls and compete with the rich baritone wailing of the cows.
Unfortunately, the weather remains quite wet with intermittent showers which prevents me from wandering around too much and collecting natural materials. Thankfully, there is no TV do abstain from which makes reading an effortless activity, especially when I am not feeling too well. My first day at Bundanon may be rather hermetic and horizontal (They have a wonderfully comfortable couch and wing back chair).
There are several pianos here at Bundanon which cater to the many musicians who visit. I'm looking forward to practising and I'm glad I had the foresight to bring along my music books.
There is a short walk to a natural amphitheatre not far from the musicians cottage. A huge moss covered rock face towers over the secluded spot. Wild orchids are in flower clinging to the rock and past 'explorers' have made makeshift benches and small sculptures to accommodate a group should they wish to be seated in this spectacular nook.